How to pay on data for wealth using mobile money

dataforwealth mtn mobile money pegasus pin prompt

dataforwealth airtel mobile money payline pin prompt

Mobile money is one of the methods of pay acceptable at data for wealth. However to pay using mobile money, you must be resident in Uganda and using MTN and or Airtel mobile money. Other acceptable payment methods include PayPal and Debit/Credit cards.

Data for wealth has paterned with the mobile money aggregators Easypay/PEGASUS/Payline to process mobile money. To pay using mobile money, add the products you want to the cart, click on cart and look at the quantities and prices and total bill. If you want to pay more for a particular products, increase the quantity. When satisfied, click on checkout. The system will display the several payment options, select Uganda mobile money. The system will ask for your phone number, enter your MTN or Mobile phone number without the starting zero. For example if your phone number is 0772123456 enter only 772123456; for 0752123456 enter 752123456; for 0702123456 enter 702123456. Click Place Order.

The system will convert the total price into Uganda shillings and prompt you with the message ‘….’ on your phone asking you to confirm with your PIN. Enter your PIN. The system will confirm the transaction by displaying that the payment was successful and display the products for download. The system will also send you an sms confirming payment with the message ‘PEGASUS has successfully deducted UGX ??? from your mobile money…’ if you used MTN or ‘Paid UGX ??? to PAYLINE HOLDINGS..’ if you used Airtel. In addition, a message will be sent to your email confirming payment and notifying you about your downloads.